30 October 2009

KDGS Meeting Monday Nov. 2

Good Day Everyone
Meeting reminder for Monday, November 2 at 7 pm in Hawthorn Park's Oak Room.  Please find the programme committees survey at the bottom of the e-mail.  If you have not already done so, please fill it in and bring to the meeting as your opinion is valuable.  If can also fill in the form and return it to me via e-mail.
Note for Irish Research e-mail I sent - the link should be
The topic this month is Military Research
  The program will start with members and their favourite war story, letter, photograph, medal, etc. that you would be willing to share with the group.
  After Break we will continue our research strategy -- with brief talks given by 4 members of our program committee. 

They will cover subjects such as the 1940 National Registration in Canada, US draft cards, WW1 attestation papers, Commonwealth War Graves, and more.

  Lastly Bob Hayes will wind it up with a military related talk with a local twist.

Don't Forget 
  Library opens at 6 pm
  Books, cd's, magazines due at the library
  $$ for the library fund
  Water and/or mug for tea & coffee
  $ for coffee and cookies 
See you all in December and have a great meeting.  Marlene

Please complete, sign and bring to the Nov. meeting.  Drop in box at sign on desk.  

-Do you have a topic you would like to speak about?

 -Is there an interest group you would like to take part in?

 -Is there a speaker or topic you would like to hear about?

 - Do you have something of interest to show and tell?

Sign your name:  _____________________________________________

Thank you from your Program Committee.