18 August 2010

English Research News & Seminar Display Boards

Display Boards for Seminar
Hope your having a wonderful summer. I'm sure your looking forward to our upcoming seminar. We want to make it the most informative and interesting as possible. So - if you haven't committed to doing a display board, won't you consider it. It is not to late. I have never made one and have managed to pull it all together in a couple days. In fact it was rather fun! It's really not that hard and doesn't have to be complicated.
So please do consider --- it's never too late.
If you have any questions, call me 250-769-5822
Thanks, Eileen Cook

English Research
Ancestry has recently uploaded the England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941. This is more than an index to all Wills & Administrations for the whole of England & Wales between these dates, it is also an abstract of the Probate, including the exact death date and place, occupation of the deceased, value of the estate and Executor(s) name, occupations, relationship to the deceased and place of residence. If you find something of interest, the actual Will or Administration can either be obtained from Family History Library microfilms (up to 1930) or ordered from the Principal Probate Registry in England (www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/cms/1226.htm) for a cost of £5 plus postage.
The Principal Probate Court was established in 1858, at which time the probate system was completely over-hauled so that there was one national registry. Before this time, wills and administrations were the business of a myriad of church courts of various jurisdictions and levels making them very difficult to locate. The National Probate Calendar on Ancestry currently covers only from 1861-1941 with some gaps but these gaps will be filled over time and the database extended back to 1858 and further into the present.

Happy Hunting!


Know any friends or family interested in family history (genealogy). Have you given them a brochure to our September 25 "Harvest Your Family Tree" Seminar? Have YOU sent in your registration yet?
1. Our Archivist, Marina, would like to know if anyone has pictures from recent meetings, Hawthorn Park Appreciation Tea, cemetery gatherings, newspaper articles, etc. for our scrapbook. She can be reached at the "contact us" page on our website www.kdgs.ca. Please don't let a little surfing on our website deter you from sending us your photos.
2. Our raffle is coming together, so be ready in September as everyone will have to sell tickets. Who wouldn't want to win a laptop?
3. To hot outside for you - how about writing an article for our October newsletter (even a half page is good) or maybe a query. Deadline is September 15 and we know how fast the days are flying by. Send to Jennifer at betterhalf@shaw.ca
4. Cool photo project
Here is a photo site where anyone can "pin" their historical photos to their geographical location on the map. You can search by place and timeline. Right now there's only 15,000 photos but I imagine that this is going to become a very cool website once more people hear about it and add their own. Great for padding out the family history! - http://www.historypin.com/ (in partnership with Google).

5. “Connecting Energetically With Your Ancestors Through Genealogy”

You may know your ancestors’ names, but do you really know who they were? When every experience and feeling is recorded in our energy field, then what are the experiences and feelings of our ancestors that we carry?

Jan Fennell, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Genealogist, will help participants identify ancestors and connect with them energetically. What type of life did they lead? Where did they come from? What did they experience?

You do not need knowledge of energy work or genealogy to benefit from this workshop, only a wish to understand your family better.

When: Saturday, September 11th OR Monday, September 13th 10:00am-4:00pm at First United Church in Kelowna

Cost: $50 ($15 non-refundable) Refunds available up to September 4th

Space in these workshops is limited to create and ensure a positive environment for all participants

Registration: Lorraine Hladik 215-3335 Richter St Kelowna V1W 3Y1 Telephone 250-763-3142 or email anamcara50@hotmail.com