30 April 2016

Meeting Monday, May 2nd

Our next meeting will be this Monday, May 2nd, 7pm at Hawthorn Park.

Bite-Size Genealogy:  Homestead Records with Mary

Main Topic:  "Finding Living Long Lost Cousins" with Xenia Stanford
As genealogists and family historians we spend most of our time looking into the past to discover long-dead ancestors. We forget there is much value in connecting to living relatives we may have met and lost over time or ones we never knew existed. So how do you find them? The speaker connected to long lost relatives in North America and abroad and these connections helped flesh out her family tree. Also she has conducted heirship searches for energy companies. Starting with the original owner of mineral rights in Canada, her task was to find all living heirs. The techniques she used might just be what you need to find your long-lost relatives."

Everyone Welcome