Forum Schedule 2018-2019


SEPTEMBER 2018 – JUNE 2019 

Join us for an evening of Genealogy learning and sharing at our monthly Family History Forums!  These are free events hosted by the Kelowna & District Genealogical Society in partnership with the Okanagan Regional Library. 
We meet from 7-9pm in Classroom 2 located on the second floor of the downtown Kelowna Library.  No admission fee – no registration necessary!  All who are curious about Family History are welcome!

Monday, October 22: Getting on the Right Track: Basics for Beginners: Tips to help you make real progress on your Family History journey. It can be easy to go down the wrong path or simply go around in circles – learn how to avoid pitfalls and start making exciting discoveries on your family history. Even if you’re not a beginner, these tips will act as a refresher. Presenter: Claire Smith-Burns. NOTE: We will be meeting in the KDGS Resource Centre for the first part of this forum.

Monday, November 26: The Family Archivist: Storing and Preserving Your Photos, Documents & Memorabilia:  Have you inherited a collection of family photos, documents and heirlooms? Learn how best to store these and how to use them in your family history. Presenters:  Nikki Bose, Kelowna Museums Conservator & Claire Smith-Burns

Monday, January 28: Going Down the Rabbit Hole – a Case History of a Tangled Genealogy:  It is easy and tempting to jump to conclusions when tracing your family tree. Claire Smith-Burns will take you on a research romp of a very promising lead with a surprising ending! Presenter: Claire Smith-Burns

Monday, February 25:  The Joys of Timelines: Creating timelines of your ancestors’ lives can be helpful in problem-solving. They will reveal the gaps in your knowledge, pinpoint where your ancestor lived at specific times, expose conflicts in your data and will help you to create a better understanding of your ancestor. Presenter: Claire Smith-Burns 

Monday, March 25: De-Mystifying DNA: We will discuss reasons to test DNA, which type of DNA test is best for you, choosing a testing company and tips on how to put your test results to work in your family history research. Presenter: Claire Smith-Burns & KDGS Members

Tuesday, April 23:  Generosity & Genealogy: Sharing your Family History: Crowd-source your genealogical brick walls by sharing your research and family photos – reach out to distant cousins and others for help in solving your genealogical mysteries. We will have a short presentation followed by group discussion and sharing of ideas. Presenter: Claire Smith-Burns

Tuesday, May 28:  Meet Your Ancestors: What kind of people were your ancestors? What were their occupations, social strata, education level, personalities and accomplishments? Were they in the military, did they serve their community and/or church? Were they loved or reviled? This talk and sharing session will give you new ideas for putting the “flesh on the bones” of your family history. Presenter: Claire Smith-Burns

Tuesday, June 25: Family History Research in England - Going beyond Records of Birth, Marriage and Death: 
Come and discover the many sources available for learning about your English family history in the KDGS Family & Local History Resource Centre and online; Presenter: Teresa Smith.

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