KDGS Cemetery Recording Committee

28 June 2017

Limited copies
of Series 1 and Series 2 books are still available. Once the current supply of books is sold, these publications will be out of print.

New in 2017!
Index of Names in the Central Okanagan is a stand-alone index of all the names mentioned in Series 1 and Series 2 previously published. There are over 9000 names in this large 200 page book.

This is a handy reference book for anyone interested in family or history in the Central Okanagan.

Besides burials, these names include people mentioned in obituaries; newspaper articles; census records; births, marriages, and deaths; and in the genealogical research of selected individuals.
Index of Names in the Central Okanagan                                  $30.00                                       

Series 2
The books will appeal to those researching family in the Central Okanagan as well as those interested in local history.
Complete set                                                                                                                      $120.00

Duck Lake Cemetery with Genealogies and Local History                                                                                                                                                         15.00

Glenrosa Cemetery with Genealogies and Local History                              1 left             15.00

Hardy Family Cemetery with Hardy Family History and Genealogy                                  10.00

Isolated Burials in the Central Okanagan with Genealogies and Local History                50.00

Mission of the Immaculate Conception Cemetery and Early Settlement in the Central Okanagan                                                                                                                          25.00 

Postill Family Cemetery with Postill Family History and Genealogy                                 25.00

Series 1
These are traditional cemetery transcription books.
Complete set                                                                                              Sold out        $100.00

Gellatly Cemetery and Gellatly Heritage Park                                             1 left             6.00

Immaculate Conception Church Cemetery                                                                     12.00

Old Winfield Cemetery                                                                                 1 left            5.00

Oyama Community Cemetery                                                                      1 left            9.00

Peachland Cemetery                                                                                                      20.00

St. Andrew’s Anglican Churchyard and Church Memorial Plaques             1 left           10.00
St. Theresa Cemetery                                                                                  1 left           15.00

Westbank Cemetery                                                                                   Sold Out      16.00

Winfield Cemetery                                                                                       1 left          15.00

Prices do not include mailing or handling.

Contact chair Susan Campbell at for more information or to order books.